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Great App only needs 1 thing

shredding was NOT needed with my older OS system. So it was really annoying to have to BUY anything. However, despite that, this app is really great and seems to do what is is supposed to do with Style. Easy to use and convenient. Desperately needs ONE improvement - please upgrade this app to NOT delete ORIGINAL files if you accidentally SHRED an alias. Yes, I read the instructions and knew that but seriously, accidents happen. Why would you not treat them like the Apple OS trash can does? Luckily I am a cautious person and keep backups of anything really important. Other than this Fatal flaw that might bite you, it is a great app.

Secure Shred Is What Was Missing

Since Apple did away with their Secure Shred I’ve been looking for something that would fill the bill. This does a great job.

Very Simple Security

I should say right off that whether or not this app really makes things impossible to recover requires an act of faith, because how do you really know? But it seems to do just that and it does it in a very easy to use way. You simply drag the icon onto your taskbar and leave it there and then drag your files and folders onto the icon. It doublechecks to see how securely you want to shred, how many passes to make, and then when you say to start it chews your files until they can no longer be recovered. It gives you the choice of how many passes to make, the more the better but also the longer it takes. If you choose to make no passes it seems to work like the trashcan you already have on your Mac, so don’t do that. It’s simple, effective, and inexpensive.

Good application - especially useful on external devices for me.

Would like to get a list of command line options. Perhaps they are documented somewhere, and I was able to script using application executable path followed by file path, but wondering if there is a flag to be able traverse folders, etc.

Peace of mind

Works as advertised with the additional benfit of no clutter. Simple to use drag and drop or right click on what you want gone. Wish they would make one to clean and super clean cache and library folders, and shred the cookies on auto. App could be like an all in one eraser!! I would buy it!!

Great App

This is a great stand-alone app for secure file deletion. I was using a another multipurpose application to do this until it caused numerous errors & false warnings after I updated to the latest iMac OS. I have not had any failures with this application to date. I really like the ease of use & the ability to control the number of over-writes. That is an option the previous app I was using didn’t have. Thanks VoidTech for a Great App!

Simple Security

Great app. I leave it next to my Apple Trashcan Icon. Anything I want to delete without a trace goes it. Poof, it is GONE FOREVER IMMEDIATELY. Anything I may want to get back again, goes into Apple Trash. I think Apple Trash eventually deletes without a trace, but it requires an extra step, so anything put in there is definitely retrievable until that step is taken.

Eases My Mind

I can’t speak to the effectiveness of the security of this program, but it works beautifully in terms of ease of operation. I have found that there are remnants which are not removed completely. This I found by shredding files showing in the Trash. After having done so the Trash comes up as not being empty. Although you can’t locate a file, there is obviously something left behind. Thus to conserve space it may be wise to dump all files to be deleted in the Trash then shred them from there, any remnant will be deleted when the Trash is dumped... Tis a marvelous program in my opinion.

Works Great

It does what it is advertised to do and does it smoothly and unobtrusively. I highly recommend it. Beinf able to right-click and secure delete a file is so great!

Very User Friendly and As Described!

An extra bit of reassurance that things are truly deleted, Easy to use THANKS!!

Works great

Easy to use and works well. Does what it says it will and gets out of your way. Great for single file deletion without having to dump everything in your trash.

Simply works

I love this app as it’s simple and works every time. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

Great Product - Quick and Secure

This is a great product to remove sensitive files you no longer need. Its quick and easy and most important… “Secure from prying eyes”. I would recommend this APP if you have files you want permanently and securely removed from your macOS device.

Handy and Efficient

I use this when I have just used a single file I want to delete and write over many times. I drag it to FileShredder. Apple Trash can delete and write over files, but it does it for all the files in the Trash. Sometimes I just want to delete and write over one or some of the to-be-deleted files in Apple Trash. But since it is “all or nothing” in Apple Trash, FileShredder fills this niche for me.

Love it!!

Fantastic App!! !I use it daily.

really good

I hesitated in giving 5 stars cause this app just does what it says it does. Nothing more - nothing less. Yet it does it seamlessly and efficiently. Strongly recommended

Nice bump in speed

With the latest OS X upgrade my older version of this app was lagging a bit, but the latest update has made it faster than ever.

Excellent app!

I use this app more than anything else on my Mac. It works great, and I prefer it to using the Mac trash. Hmmm, Its been years since I actually used the trash bin. I’ve been using this shredder. Don’t hesitate to buy it. It is well worth its price.

Perfect for my needs

I keep this on my Dock - right next to the Trash icon, where it reminds me to drag private files to the shredder rather than to the trash can. Obliterates files efficiently and quickly. One of my favorite tools.

Stopped working, downloaded Rev 2, DoA

I have used an older version for years, then received a notice it was damaged and to download the latest from the APP store. Did it and received the same damaged message when I tried to open it.

Works just they said it would

Wrote an email to the developers right after upgrading to macOS Sierra. They said they were working on it and it would be ready in a couple of weeks. Just like they said, it was and it works flawlessly. The only thing I would ask for is perhaps a “progress bar” to show how long the shredding is goint to take. Other than that I’m good.

Great App

Have used it for 3 years and have never had a problem. Great peace of mind for $5.

Uh well not as good as I thought

Update : works good BUT permissions need to be addressed . It used to ask for admin password but now just denies you . I am sure Apple has something to do with this issue . The files I needed to delete I couldn’t do with file shedder , but were easily deleted with clean my mac’s file shredder .

No longer works

FileShredder completely stopped working after I updated to v2.0 on my iMac running MacOS Sierra. I uninstalled FileShredder and then re-installed, but it’s still not working.

Now works on Sierra

10/19/16 Latest update seems to have resolved the previously mentioned issues. Thank you for the update, the new app works great on Sierra. This app was a great buy and it worked really well. However, since I upgraded to Sierra it has not worked. I waited to write this review because I wanted to give the company time to get the app upgraded. This has yet to happen, nor has have I been able to find any mention of an upgrade on their website. If you are not going to upgrade to Sierra the app is good otherwise do not waste your time.

Shredder is back and working again...

I have used this utility for sometime without any problems, up until the OS Sierra arrived and then the Shredder failed. But, now it’s updated to version-2, and working again…Nice utility for one important function, making sure your deleted files are truly deleted… glad it’s back…. -BC

You Can Buy This App Without Any Doubts.

I had doubts, but I did read quite a few reviews here in the app store and elsewhere. I then took a chance on it, and I’ve been nothing but VERY satisfied with it. No glitches. No hangups. No bugs. No downsides whatsoever. It’s a splendidly elegant gadget which functions like a precision timepiece. VERY worth the price. You won’t regret the purchase. {note: My original review, which you just now read, was written on 03/05/16. As many other Mac users did, I updated to the Sierra OS in September of 2016. This FileShredder app then became incompatible on Macs with the Sierra OS. I had numerous communications with the FileShredder developer, and was always treated very kindly, with courteous reassurances that an update to the FileShredder was being worked on, for making FileShredder compatible with the most current Mac OS again. As you, the reader, can now see, that update by the FileShredder app developer is now completed and will be part of all FileShredder purchases from now on. DO NOT LISTEN TO the uninformed, pompous, ignorant, hot-headed blowhard who wrote the review which you see directly before mine. He calls himself "stolendreams", and he titled his review: "Sh..t or get off the pot !!!" He complains that the "update is taking way too long !!!" He has absolutely no awareness or knowledge about the extensive, labor-intensive, time-intensive, complicated approval process which all app developers must go through, under the authority and control of Apple, for having an app update examined and authorized by Apple before the update can be provided to the previous and future purchasers of the app, such as myself. I am not bothered at all, by the time I’ve waited for the update making FileShredder compatible with Mac OS Sierra. Only dopes who have "Sh..t" on their minds (and evidently have "Sh..t" in their brains) would write a review like the review written on October 18th by someone calling himself "stolendreams". His dream appears to be a fantasy in which there are no complex professional processes which app developers must submit to before their app updates are released. This app, FileShredder, is the best in it’s category. The Very Best!!!!! Buy it. You won’t regret the purchase. This app functions flawlessly and thoroughly, with exquisite simplicity. It is an app that you will truly love to have, and love to use. Buy it without any doubts. I had doubts before I bought it months ago, but its absolutely perfect performance has made all those doubts vanish without any lingering concerns. It truly is a perfect app. You are going to discover that for yourself, and then your general state of happiness is going to be increased accordingly, very enjoyably. You will be very glad to have relief from your search for the ideal file shredding app. This one is it. This one has earned the gold medal. This one is at the top of the ladder to file shredding excellence. It is MUCH MORE than worth the price!!!!!}

Awsome App-!!

If you like to work fast, this app allows you to seculely delete documents, on the spot, with a right click. No more dragging to the trash, then erasing by holding down the option key. This is a simple, easy to use utility that definately deservs a AAA+++. Thanks for the top notch customer service with the whole Sierra update thing. I thought it was toast when I updated to Sierra, here it is approx two weeks later, and back in business with the new update. Great job guy’s, again, another AAA+++

Great program

Works great … Would be lost without it ...

Don’t Do The Update When Asked!!

I purchased this last year and have loved it TILL NOW! I updated it through the App Store today (10/18/2016) and the App is corrupted! It won’t load!!! I got my 2.00 out of the program for ONE year!! Don’t waste your time downloading the newest version! I am happy using 10.9.5…… when I got my machine it had 10.6.8…. I ran Snow Leopard on it till the beginning of this year…. then upgraded to Mavericks. If you feel this review is inappropriate that’s fine…. but the fact remains after the update, This File Shredder Program is useless!! Thank you, :(

Great app, simple and effective

I love this app. i use the secure shred for all my financial files, but the quick simple shred is perfect to eliminate single files of low risk. I’ve used it for a couple years now and highly recommend it for ease of use and just doing the job. I see the dev team is updating it to work with Sierra - can hardly wait since I use it daily, and have already updated one of my Macs to Sierra and really miss it.

Update Taking Too Long

Update for Mac OS Sierra is taking way too long.

Doesn’t work with Sierra

Had this on my Mac, and worked fine (and it’s a great program) before I installed Sierra. Now, since upgrading OS, it does not work.

Stopped working with Sierra

Stopped working after the Sierra OS upgrade. It will shred but will not secure shred and then you have to force quit. Worked perfect before the upgrade.

No longer works on Sierra

Used to be an amazing app to securely delete docs containing financial info. Now simply hangs and does not delete anything :-(

Another positive review

This app does what it says and does it well: securely and permanently delete files. Well worth five bucks.

It seems to work - Worth the price

It is easy to use and setup. I assume it’s doing what it says, theres no way to tell or even a little notice that the file was erased. I think it would “feel” more substantial if there was some animation that could be turned on.

Works Great

All I can say is it seems to work great. It’s an app that I’m sure is needed by most every one at such an affordable price!

Excellent app for deleting files!

I don’t write many reviews but felt compelled to given how much use I have gotten out of this excellent app. The app is very simple and does exactly what it says. It is an essential app that I always make sure I have installed. If you want a more secure means to delete sensitive data then this app is for you.

Works Great

I did a little research before downloading this App. Reviews were good, so I’ve given it a try. It works just fine and seems to be fairly fast.


This app has all of the bells and whistles that you would expect of a superior file shredder. Have tried other products and found this app to be nothing but top level. If you are looking for secure file deletion this is THE APP for you. Does everything in the app description effortlessly and thoroughly. I have found no downside to this app, NO BUGS, NO PROBLEMS. VoidTech if I could give more than five stars, I would. This product is an absolute 5+ stars.

Works Smoothly adn Quickly

FileShredder works smoothly and conveniently. It shreds selected, or all, files from the folder where they are filed or from wastebasket. Works very quickly with my solid state drive. No complaints. It may be overkill on an encrypted drive, but I like knowing trashed financial files ate completely gone, even if someone gets hold of my computer account password. When I move a file to a backup drive and put that drive in the safe-deposit box, I want to know that is the only place it is at. I shred paper copies, why would I want to do otherwise with digital copies?

Fast and Final

Works like a champ in OS 10.10.4 - except after you right click on a file, Shred and Secure Shred are down the menue another step under Services. Possibility that is a function forced by Yosemite.


it does what it said!


Easy to use and works great! :) Highly recommend.

Outstanding tool

Anyone needing to store confidential data and delete it from time to time should have this.

It does what It’s supposed to do

I bought and tried two other “similar” apps before finding FileShredder. Not only did they not work, they put me through irritating, unnecessary, and unproductive work. They wasted my time. FileShredder is different. It works, and I have no hesitation in rating it highly.

Try it you won’t be sorry.

I got this app two weeks ago and I’m so happy to spend $4.99 for it help me so much which I was looking for this app. Thanks

This App Reminds me of a Sniper….Quick and Easy

I recommend this app to anyone that want to destroy any unwanted files on their Mac. My trash bin wouldn’t empty and my computer kept re-booting….I got sick and tired of it and went to the app store….I saw this app…read some reviews…I don’t remember what i paid for it but it was worth it. I delete large files of unwanted audio ( I’m in the music industry ) Quick and easy…Love it….. 5 stars

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